Monday, January 21, 2013

Why is your home not on the market RIGHT NOW?

Attention all possible Home Sellers: Now is the time to have your home on the market. Inventory is down in Atlanta almost 40%! That is huge. Buyer's are having trouble finding homes. The homes they do find, are under contract in the first few days of the home being on the market in most areas( Price and condition are obvious factors). With 2012 being an election year, many of the government backed foreclosures were held off the market. Also, many banks are starting to also lease out the homes in order to help the prices go up. Contact me today to set up a FREE consultation! I am ready to get your home SOLD! Katy Foltz Gillis REALTOR, ABR "SELL" Phone: 678 860 2220

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Have Atlanta Home prices Hit bottom????

According to this chart, it looks like Atlanta hit bottom last year. We are on the upswing now, price-wise. This is very good news for sellers! For the buyers, it is time to take advantage of these still historically low prices because they may not last long. They are going up! Contact me today for more charts and more great information!
I am here for all of your Real Estate needs!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Discount Broker vs. Listing with Me!

Why pay a discount broker all kinds of upfront fees, when you list with me, it is free until we close! I have heard so many stories of clients that pay thousands of dollars in upfront fees with a discount broker, and then realize they are not getting the service that they desire from that agency.

When you list with me, you pay NOTHING up front. If it ends up not selling, you are not out any money at all.
I had a client meet with me, and could see all that I offer, that a discount broker simply does not provide. She listed with them for two weeks and realized she was not getting the service that she needed. She was pretty much selling her home by herself except that it was on the Fmls, and Mls. She then canceled her contract with them, after being out over $1,000. She listed with me and I got it sold within 8 Days!!
I am not promising 8 days, but with all of my marketing expertise, holding open houses,caravans, mail-outs and much more, my service makes a difference.

Please call ME first before you decide to go with a discount Broker. I would hate to see you loose your hard earned money!

I don't get paid until I get the job done!